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Things to Think About When Doing a Survey






Research, especially survey research, can seem so easy to do and yet, it is so easy to do wrong.Bad research can lead to bad decisions.And the internet has made it easier than ever to do bad research.

First questions that you need to ask yourself:

1.       What do I want to know?

2.       If you donít know what you want to know, stop now.There is no reason to do a survey just for the sake of doing a survey.

3.       What will I do with that knowledge?

4.       Research is a tool for decision-making. If you are not ready to make decisions based on the results of the survey, donít do a survey. If you are looking for justifications for a decision youíve already made, you need to be prepared if the research does not provide what you want.

5.       Who do I want to know it from?

Members, experts, general public, clients, customers, employees, suppliers, everyone in a field (whether members in your organization or not), companies, state or local government, retail outlets, wholesalers, readers of your publication, advertisers, donors.

How are you going to collect the information?

Sampling Ė the most important and least understood part of survey research

Sample Control and Confidentiality

What are the consequences of a low response rate?

How to encourage response?


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