Research Types






Public Opinion/Policy
If you have a legislative or referendum agenda, get the public's opinion. Does a majority support your agenda? Do you need to frame your agenda in a particular way to increase public opinion? Surveys can support your position or help you strengthen your message.

Community Attitude
These surveys focus on attitudes, priorities and biases within geographical areas or demographic groups. Community attitude studies can provide a truer measure of local opinion than public meetings which bring out the self-interests.

State of the Industry
Associations are assumed to be information-bearer for their industry. Do you have the information that reporters, lawmakers and other policy-makers need? Surveys of your members and nonmembers can put the information at your fingertips.

Customer/Membership Satisfaction
Maintaining and increasing consumer satisfaction is one of the keys to growth and retention. The right survey can provide the answers necessary to make the many decisions that influence this all-important prerequisite for success.

Customer/Membership Attrition
Lost customers/members equal lost revenues. If your attrition rate is too high, we'll help to find out why and what can be done to reverse the trend.

What does your competition offer that you don't? More attractive products or services? Better pricing? A more convenient location? Different hours? More effective advertising? Remove the guesswork from your responsiveness to the competitive environment.

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